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Instantly see 2 hours of waves coming in with real-time buoy data
Hourly high-resolution wind forecasts for your neighborhood
Daily satellite water temperatures let you know if there's upwelling at your spot
Detailed wave forecast shows up to 6 individual swell trains
Forecast the next week's waves quickly with interactive bubble plots
Swell bands broken down by period show wave height and direction
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A current wave report or swell forecast doesn't have to be at your local spot to be good!
You can get useful information from a buoy that's 100 miles away by using your experience to know what a surf spot is like for given swell conditions. More detailed wave data is coming soon!
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News & Tips

How to use detailed wave data like a pro

May 14th, 2016

Swell Matrix’s detailed wave data might look like a bunch of random noise at first, but using its tools and filters will show you loads of info about the waves and sets. Get it dialed and you’ll be in sync with the ocean before you even show up at the beach. Surfers expect sets to ... Continue Reading

GFS Wind Forecasts Updated

May 13th, 2016

The Global Forecast System (GFS) was just updated by NOAA and it’s got some cool new features. Like every release it is expected to be more accurate. This particular update is cool because there are now hourly forecasts instead of every three hours – you can time that evening glass-off perfectly now. We’ve just implemented this ... Continue Reading

How to read a wind barb

April 2nd, 2016

Those little sticks on a wind forecast- what are they? They’re called wind barbs, and their shape tells you the direction the wind is coming from and how strong it is. The barb shows the wind the direction is going toward: the pointy end and the end with the “flags” are flowing with the wind ... Continue Reading

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Coming Soon
  • ✱ Surf spot reports
  • ✱ More locations
  • ✱ More local weather forecasts


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